2020 Vision

By year 2020, the University of Mobile, through the work of the university, the influence of her graduates, and as a catalyst for persons of like mind, will be a nationally recognized leader of revitalization of Christian faith and character in America.

The 2020 Vision includes the following objectives :

  1. In policy and practice, affirm the nature, mission, ethic and revelation of Jesus Christ as articulated in Scripture.
  2. Intentionally lead men and women into a relationship with Him.
  3. Offer nationally respected academic programs.
  4. Continue to promote and instruct the effective integration of Christian faith, academic discipline and vocational practice.
  5. Adopt methods necessary to gain national recognition.
  6. Intentionally cross political, geographic and denominational boundaries in the pursuit of objectives.
  7. Specifically promote and instruct the concepts of freedom and responsibility to God with the corollaries, capitalism and entrepreneurialism as they apply to major areas of study.
  8. Identify and adopt effective structures, methods and academic and extracurricular programs for the post-Christian environment.
  9. Identify and adopt effective generation-specific methods of instruction and communication with students and constituents.
  10. Identify, secure and develop worldwide and non-traditional partnerships for undergraduate and post-graduate instruction, for general funding, and for the achievement of our objectives.
  11. Maintain, encourage and support a vibrant relationship with our family of Alabama Baptist churches.

Center for Leadership

The University of Mobile Center for Leadership was established in 2010 to help citizens of faith maximize their influence by providing informative communications, credible resources, and proactive solutions to revitalize Christian faith and character in America.

The Center for Leadership is motivated by the Twelve23 Movement, which seeks to openly and intentionally "change the character and condition" of America by strengthening Christian faith and character in all areas of public and private life.