2020 Vision

By year 2020, the University of Mobile, through the work of the university, the influence of her graduates, and as a catalyst for persons of like mind, will be a nationally recognized leader of revitalization of Christian faith and character in America.

The 2020 Vision includes the following objectives :

  1. Integrate Christian Faith with academic discipline and with professional practice.
  2. Emphasize the concepts of responsibility, freedom, capitalism, and entrepreneurialism.
  3. Adopt effective structural methods and programs for a post-Christian environment.
  4. Expand experiential learning and technologically delivered curricula.
  5. Develop external partnerships for various project developments.
  6. Extend influence to regional and national levels.
  7. Transcend denominational, political, and geographic boundaries.
  8. Maintain a vibrant relationship with the Church and with the family of Alabama Baptist churches.
  9. Enhance fiscal condition, employee compensation, and capital assets.
  10. Develop a strategic enrollment plan to expand influence through increased enrollment.