Elementary or Early Childhood Education

Do you have a calling to make a difference in the lives of children through education? A Bachelor of Science in Elementary or Early Childhood Education from UMobile's School of Education can help you fulfill your dream in an enriching Christian environment. This course of study:

  • Focuses on the developmental characteristics of young children and their learning styles
  • Provides field-based experiences along with the methodology important for teaching young children
  • Prepares students for state teacher certification in elementary or early childhood education

In addition to required coursework, student teaching hours are required for these degrees.

Admission to the Teacher Education Program
Admission to the Teacher Education Program is required and must be approved by the Teacher Education Council. Requirements for admission are:

  1. completion of 60 semester hours (48 hours of core curriculum coursework);
  2. a minimum 2.75 GPA overall, in professional studies, and in teaching field;
  3. a current photograph;
  4. an essay successfully completed prior to the interview;
  5. an interview successfully completed;
  6. recommendations from the adviser and a School of Education faculty member; and
  7. passing the Alabama Prospective Teacher Test or the Basic Skills Test.

Admission Requirements for the Prospective Educators Program

Requirements for conditional admission to the first two academic periods (semesters) of teacher education classes:

  1. Application for conditional admission to the Teacher Education Program.
  2. 48 hours of general studies completed toward the basic core requirements.
  3. 2.75 GPA for all courses counted toward the Elementary Education major.

NOTE: Unconditional admission to the program is required prior to continuing after completion of two academic periods (semesters). Please note the following:

  • Upon admission to the Teacher Education Program, students are required to complete the current State Department of Education-approved programs, which meet federal “NCLB” standards.
  • The appropriate Praxis II content exam, as well as the Alabama Prospective Teacher Test, must be successfully completed as a pre-condition for certification in the State of Alabama.
  • Official admission into the Teacher Education Program is required prior to enrollment in restricted professional teacher education courses. Students who are admitted to the Teacher Education Program will be subject to ongoing evaluation.

Attendance Policy for the Prospective Educators Program in Early Childhood or Elementary Education
The School of Education adheres to the attendance policy of the Center for Adult Programs for students seeking the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Please see the appropriate section of the catalog.

Sample Course Sequence

This course sequence is provided as a sample only, and does not include basic core requirements. Individual schedules may vary. Students are required to complete a total of 130-133 hours for graduation. See the catalog for a list of Basic Course Requirements.

Year One
Fall Term II TE 201 Foundations of Education
Fall Term III HPES 227 Basic Movement Education & Rhythmical Activities
Fall Term IV TE 304 Introduction to Exceptional Children & Youth
Spring Term II TE 305 Principles & Ethics of Teaching in the Elementary School
Spring Term III TE Elective
Spring Term IV TE 301 Human Growth & Development


Year Two
Fall Term II TE 421 Evaluation of Teaching & Learning
Fall Term III TE 406 Principles, Organization & Strategies of Early Childhood
Fall Term IV TE 405 Education & Technology
Spring Term II TE 400 Methods of Teaching Social Studies & Science
Spring Term III TE 321 The Inclusive Classroom
Spring Term IV TE 413 Literacy & the Young Child
Summer Term IV TE 419 Diagnostic & Corrective Reading
Summer Term V TE Elective (if needed)
Summer Term V TE Elective (if needed)


Year Three
Fall Term II TE 311 Methods of Teaching Language Arts
Fall Term III TE 312 Methods of Teaching Mathematics
Fall Term IV TE 411 Methods of Teaching Reading
Spring Term I TE 412 Classroom Management
Spring Term I TE 423 Student Teaching & Seminar


Student Teaching

Prerequisites to student teaching and seminar include:

  1. admission into teacher education;
  2. a minimum 2.75 GPA overall, in professional studies, and in teaching field;
  3. a completed application;
  4. an autobiographical sketch;
  5. approval by the Teacher Education Council;
  6. satisfactory completion of 80 percent of the credit hours in the teaching field(s);
  7. satisfactory completion of a minimum of 150 hours of approved field experience;
  8. passing score on the Alabama Prospective Teacher Test;
  9. passing score on the appropriate Praxis II content exam; and
  10. successful completion of the professional teacher education courses.

During the student teaching academic period (semester), a student may take only one additional course unless the dean of the School of Education grants written approval to take other courses.

Upon completion of student teaching, students' fingerprints must be submitted with the application for a teaching certificate. The Alabama State Department of Education and the School of Education require that the applicant submit two sets of fingerprints with all new applications for a certificate. The fingerprints will be checked by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If one has ever been “arrested for, convicted of, or entered a plea of no contest to a felony or misdemeanor other than a minor traffic violation,” the record will be reviewed by the State Superintendent of the Department of Education prior to issuance of a teaching certificate.

Course Requirements

Students seeking the bachelor of science in early childhood and elementary education must complete the Basic Course (General Education) requirements of the University of Mobile (or have a “C” or better in transfer credits satisfying this set of core courses) as follows:

  • Art 201 or Music 111
  • Christian Studies 310, 321 or 331
  • Communication 101
  • Economics 201 or 202
  • English 101, 102
  • History, 6 hrs.
  • HPES 101, 227, and three activities
  • Laboratory Science, 12 hrs.
  • Literature, 6 hrs.
  • Mathematics, 12 hrs.
  • Social Science

The following Teacher Education courses must be completed with a “C” or better:

  • Teacher Education 201
  • Teacher Education 301
  • Teacher Education 304
  • Teacher Education 305
  • Teacher Education 308
  • Teacher Education 311, 312
  • Teacher Education 321
  • Teacher Education 400, 413
  • Teacher Education 405
  • Teacher Education 406
  • Teacher Education 411
  • Teacher Education 412
  • Teacher Education 419
  • Teacher Education 421
  • Teacher Education 423
  • Teacher Education Advisor Approved Electives

Degree Plan

Students pursuing a degree from the University of Mobile in an approved area for teacher education must meet all requirements for the degree as well as for certification.

Requirements for the degree and certification will be reflected in a degree plan requested by the student in the registrar's office at the beginning of his or her junior year. Students must have an approved degree plan prior to student teaching.


Students in teacher education are encouraged to become active members of the University of Mobile Chapter of the Student Leaders Association of Teacher Educators (SLATE). This organization will help students in developing professional competency.

Upsilon Chi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi is a professional education honor society. Kappa Delta Pi recognizes outstanding students preparing to enter the teaching profession and those actively engaged in the teaching profession.

The University of Mobile Reading Council is open to all education students with a particular interest in promoting the dispersion of reading materials and generating a wider knowledge of techniques in teaching reading.