RN to BSN Program for Career Nurses

If you are an RN who would like to gain the qualifications necessary to advance in your field, our School of Nursing's RN to BSN Program for Career Nurses can help you achieve this goal.

The RN to BSN program:

  • Provides individualized clinical experiences based on interests and learning needs of RNs in a day-long Friday format
  • Recognizes the previously acquired knowledge and skills of the RN student as well as their attributes and educational needs
  • Offers the ability to qualify for career advancement opportunities

Registered nurses who are actively practicing nursing, who have completed a basic nursing program within the past three years, or who have practiced nursing for three of the last five years, may enroll in the career program. Students in the RN to BSN Career program must complete 58 hours of nursing courses including NU 400 (WI), NU 410, NU 417 (WI), NU 418 (CL, OC, WI), NU 419 (WI), NU 420 (WI), NU 422, NU 430 (WI) and NU 440. Nursing courses may be completed in 3 academic periods (semesters) by following the suggested sequence. A minor is not required. Registered nurses may validate 30 semester hours of nursing credit by completing NU 400 with a C or better. Students must also complete non-nursing courses as listed.

Attendance Policy for the RN to BSN Program for Career Nurses
The School of Nursing adheres to the attendance policy of the Center for Adult Programs for students seeking the RN to BSN Program for Career Nurses. Please see the appropriate section of the catalog.

Suggested Course Sequence

Summer Term NU 400
Summer Term NU 410
Summer Term NU 418
Fall Term NU 417
Fall Term NU 419
Fall Term NU 430
Spring Term NU 422
Spring Term NU 420
Spring Term NU 440

The non-nursing courses may be taken through the Center for Adult Programs. A plan for completing these courses will be individualized for each student based on courses and hours needed.

Credit for Advanced Standing in the RN to BSN Career Program
The policy of the university is to allow advanced standing for selected students. Consistent with this policy, the student who wishes to earn advanced standing in nursing must be enrolled as a full-time, part-time, or special student at the University of Mobile. All students must take a minimum of thirty-five hours at the University of Mobile to be eligible for the baccalaureate degree.

Course Requirements

Required Non-Nursing Courses
(70 hours):

  • Humanities and Fine Arts (must include 2 courses in composition)
  • Christian Studies CS 310 and 321 or 331
  • Natural Science and Applied Science (must include 1 course in basic statistics*)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Electives, 9 hrs

*If statistics is taken in another school at the University of Mobile, e.g. Education or Social and Behavioral Sciences, the natural science requirement will be reduced to fifteen semester hours. However, all students must complete a total of 127 semester hours.

Required Nursing Courses (58 hours):

  • NU 400 Concepts of Professional Nursing
  • Nu 410 Pathophysiology
  • NU 417 The Community as a Client
  • NU 418 Ethical Considerations in Nursing
  • NU 419 Health Care Financing/Delivery Systems
  • NU 420 Professional Nursing Practice I
  • NU 422 Assessment Skills for Practicing Nurse
  • NU 430 Principles of Nursing Research
  • NU 440 Professional Nursing Practice II
  • Nursing Validation Credit (30 hrs)