College of Arts & Sciences

What College Is About

What does it mean to be an educated individual? In the College of Arts and Sciences, we believe it means thinking critically and creatively - about everything. Questioning, analyzing, exploring - that's what college is about.

It's also about reading Les Miserable in a 48-hour reading marathon, or building a theatre set at 2 a.m., or presenting an English paper before a national committee of scholars. It's about learning from professors who have a passion for teaching, who want to know your dreams and then help you achieve them. With our academically strong core curriculum taught from a Christian worldview, you will discover practical applications for your life. From the sciences to the arts, from humanities to mathematics, you will learn about the world - and yourself.

Dr. Dwight Steedley

Dean, Chair of Math and Natural Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Ted Mashburn

Associate Dean, Chair of Humanities
College of Arts and Sciences