What is Mathematics?

Some will say that mathematics is a tool which may be used for calculation and problem solving. Mathematics as a tool is indispensable to our modern world of business transactions, industrial production, and scientific research.

Some will say that mathematics is a science. In the sense of its precision, in its rigor of development, in its search for truth, mathematics is the ultimate science, a science of logical reasoning.

Some will say that mathematics is a language. The language of mathematics is needed to converse fluently, to express relationships, to make comparisons, to quote statistics, to reach conclusions.

Mathematics means different things to different people. The important concept, however, is that mathematics enters everyone’s life in some way. For this reason the University of Mobile believes that a strong mathematics program is essential to a liberal arts education and offers a course of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. A major in Mathematics with a Teacher Certification is also available, in conjunction with the University of Mobile's School of Education.

For more information, contact Dr. Dwight Steedley, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Chair, Math & Natural Sciences.

Dual Degree in Engineering

The University of Mobile has established a program with the University of South Alabama by which you may receive a bachelor's degree from the University of Mobile and a bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of South Alabama. This program allows you to have the advantages of a liberal arts education while still acquiring a degree in engineering. If you participate in the dual-degree program in engineering, you will attend the University of Mobile for approximately three academic years then transfer to the College of Engineering at the University of South Alabama. Upon completing the academic requirements of the University of Mobile and the University of South Alabama, you will then be awarded both bachelor's degrees, in most cases, the degree granted from the University of Mobile is the Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics; a program leading to a degree in Chemistry or Computer Science is possible upon request.

To become a dual-degree candidate at the University of South Alabama, you must complete at that university a study program which includeds all the remaining coursework in the standard curriculum for that particular degree being sought. Upon completion of all requirements, the College of Engineering will notify both participating universities so that appropriate bachelor's degrees can be awarded.

Career Opportunities

A strong mathematics program teaches you to converse fluently in the language of logic, to express relationships, to make comparisons, to use statistics, and to reach conclusions. A major in mathematics provides you with the analytical skills to succeed in a broad range of careers including:

  • Business Forecasting
  • Operations Research
  • Computer Programming
  • Data Analysis

A dual degree program in engineering or a major in mathematics with teacher certification provides additional career opportunities.