Visual Arts Faculty

April Livingston '06
Adjunct Instructor of Art

Change how people see the world, change the world: that's the motto artist April Livingston lives by. Her artwork is the tool she uses to start the process of transformation. And in this process, her imagination is just as necessary as her paint and brushes, or her plaster or clay.

It was at the University of Mobile that April discovered an invaluable key to nourishing her imagination: supportive instructors. They actively listened to her ideas and showed faith in her that cultivated her confidence and sharpened her determination. Now she is an award-winning artist with a master's in fine arts and impressive portfolio of sculpture, painting, ceramics, fabrication and photography. April is exploring her inspirations and pushing her own boundaries. She's also transforming perceptions: the first step to changing the world.

Megan Cary
Assistant Professor of Art

Megan joined the University of Mobile in 2013 with a passion to educate and inspire future graphic designers to create. With over ten years experience in the field of design as an award-winning senior creative and small business owner, she has worked with local and international corporations and clients in the marketing and advertising industry. A native of Mobile, Megan holds a BFA in Graphic Design and Painting from the University of South Alabama and an MFA from Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD).

For more information on the graphic design program, email her at

Phillip Counselman
Associate Professor of Art

Mr. Counselman is alwayd focused on new ways of seeing. As an artist and teacher, he brings this experience into the classroom. His studio works exemplify how to visually interpret the world around you. He has exhibited his works in museums and galleries across the southeast. Mr. Counselman encourages his students to focus on the variety of different mediums and techniques taught at the University of Mobile. His background in drawing and ceramics allows his students to make functional work and prepares them for a career in art.

For more information on the studio art program, email him at