Business Administration

If you are considering a career in Finance, Management, or Marketing – a major in Business Administration will give you the necessary skills to be successful in these challenging and creative fields.

The University of Mobile’s School of Business provides an emphasis on written and oral communication and teamwork with a focus on Biblically-based ethics using innovative teaching techniques such as case analysis and computer simulation. You will have opportunities to visit area businesses, take part in internships in a variety of settings, and enjoy hands-on experience doing real-world research. The School of Business also provides opportunities for leadership roles in a variety of student clubs and organizations.

For the benefit of students in the business administration concentrations, the university offers a five-year integrated program that allows you to graduate with both an undergraduate degree and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree. You will take some of the common professional components, known as our business core courses, at the graduate level while still an undergraduate student in order to accelerate degree completion.

For more information, contact Dr. Jane Finley, Dean, School of Business and Chair, Department of Business Administration.

University of Mobile School of Business

Finance Concentration

Are you known as a problem-solver? Are you analytical? Are you interested in a career in investments, personal financial planning, financial institutions including banking and insurance, real estate, or financial management (corporate finance)? If so, then consider a major in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

A concentration in Finance requires completion of the School of Business Common Professional Component as well as Finance courses in Personal Finance, Money and Banking, Principles of Finance, Financial Management, and Investments.

Management Concentration

Prepare yourself for virtually unlimited career opportunities managing human, financial, and physical resources with a concentration in Management. This is a perfect area of study to show off your analytical skills and aptitude for leadership.

A concentration in Management requires completion of the School of Business Common Professional Component as well as specific courses in Management, including Human Resource Management, Managerial Ethics, Leadership, Small Business Management, and business and management electives of your choice.

Marketing Concentration

Let your creativity flow! Surround yourself with other outgoing, creative students with a concentration in Marketing. Marketing involves determining customers’ needs and wants, developing products and services to satisfy those needs and wants, and establishing appropriate promotional, pricing, and distribution strategies to complement those products and services.

A concentration in Marketing requires completion of the School of Business Common Professional Component as well as specific courses in Marketing, including Consumer Behavior, Marketing Communications, Marketing Research, Retail Management, and Not-for-Profit Marketing.

Career Opportunities

With a concentration in Finance, opportunities for successful careers are available in banks, insurance companies, investment companies, other financial institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and much more. Concentrating in Finance provides you the foundation for developing your career in positions such as:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Credit Manager
  • Financial Officer in business, non-profit or government
  • Bank Manager
  • Real Estate Professional
  • Account Executive
  • Broker
  • Financial Planner

A concentration in Management will prepare you for positions with:

  • Large & Small Corporations
  • Retail and Wholesale Organizations
  • Public & Private Firms
  • Multinational Firms
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Non-profit Organizations

Marketing opportunities are virtually boundless as most organizations realize the necessity of generating customer satisfaction as the key to achieving organizational goals. Organizations include business, government, and nonprofit firms. This concentration will prepare you for positions in:

  • Advertising
  • Retailing and Wholesaling
  • Professional Sales
  • Distribution Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Product Development and Management