UMobile ATEP Physical Examination Monitoring Procedure

  1. All Pre-professional and Athletic Training Education Program students at the University of Mobile must submit to an annual Physical Examination conducted by the ATEP Medical Director and his staff prior to the student reporting to clinical education course assignments each academic year.
  2. The UMobile ATEP Program Director will be present at these annual physical examinations and will take custody of the completed physical examinations and technical standards documents. The ATEP Program Director will review the documents with the ATEP Medical Director and then place the completed documents in the student’s ATEP file which will be secured to protect the confidentiality of these documents. This review will include confirming that all necessary inoculations have been completed or waivers of same are enclosed.
  3. Unless there is a completed physical examination conducted during the current academic year under the requirements and procedures set forth in 1 and 2 above, the student may not make application to the ATEP.
  4. This protocol will be followed for all pre-professional and Athletic Training Education Program students. If the student has had a physical examination for athletic participation purposes, he/she must still participate in the UMobile ATEP Physical Examination annually before beginning any clinical education course assignment.
  5. Information from this physical examination will not be made available to anyone other than the ATEP Program Director, the ATEP Medical Director and CAATE Site Visitors, who are provided a waiver to review the students’ files.
  6. Information relative to this physical examination requirement and monitoring procedure will be printed in the UMobile ATEP Policies and Procedures Manual and will be posted on the UMobile ATEP website.
  7. Changes in this policy may not occur without the written authorization of the ATEP Program Director, ATEP Medical Director, Chair of Human Performance and Exercise Science, Dean of School of Education and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Mobile.