Elementary Education

Teaching children is one of the most rewarding careers you could possibly imagine. A degree in Elementary Education from the University prepares you to help young children grown academically, socially, and spiritually.

The Elementary Education program at the University of Mobile provides you with the knowledge and experience to:

  • Create a positive classroom environment using effective management strategies as well as innovative teaching techniques
  • Utilize the Alabama Course of Study for children’s successful mastery of skills
  • Employ effective teaching methods in all content areas
  • Implement literacy-bases classrooms

The University of Mobile’s major in elementary education is designed to prepare you to acquire the knowledge, understanding, and necessary skills to teach children ages kindergarten through sixth grade.

It is the mission of the program to prepare you to be a student-centered, reflective instructor as well as a life-long learner. Teaching skills are refined through in-class modeling and field experiences that help you practice methodology and decision making that are developmentally-appropriate and grounded in well-researched theories.

The Elementary Education program is designed so that theoretical and practical application courses complement one another (Catalog Course Requirements). The teacher education program consists of formal training in educational methods, theory, and pedagogy. It is approved by the Alabama State Department of Education and the University of Mobile Teacher Education Program. The UMobile program follows the standard requirements of all teacher education programs throughout Alabama.

Career Opportunities

Ninety-eight percent of University of Mobile education students who seek a position in public schools are employed. Others pursue careers in the private sector.

Teaching opportunities as a certified teacher are endless as most states are currently demanding that principals hire only highly qualified teachers. The elementary education preparation program from the University of Mobile trains students for certification in kindergarten through sixth grades.