Secondary Education

A Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree is offered in the major discipline approved for the secondary education students. The professional education component consists of knowledge and performance skills demonstrated in the areas of foundation, curriculm, media, methods and strategies, evaluation, and teaching. Knowledge of competency in theoretical foundations will be demonstrated through directed field experiences in area middle and high schools.

The general education component includes study in areas of humanities, social sciences, science, mathematics, and human performance and exercise science.

Areas approved for secondary certification:

  • Biology (6-12)
  • History (6-12)
  • Mathematics (6-12)
  • English language arts (6-12)
  • Social sciences (6-12)
  • Music (P-12)
  • HPES (P-12)

Students should refer to the major discipline sections of the catalog for specific information about courses from each secondary area and consult content area advisers.

Students completing undergraduate certification programs in education must complete a comprehensive exit examination during the student teaching semester.

Why should I add a secondary teaching area to my major at the University of Mobile?

  • Your UMobile experience in teacher education will be highly valued by area principals.
  • You will immediately be certified “highly qualified” by the Alabama Department of Education.
  • You will be trained by caring professionals who will go the “extra mile” to help you.
  • You will have a solid background in teaching methods and strategies, and classroom management techniques.
  • You will be trained in a Christian environment and will be ready to accept the challenge to…Change the World, One Student at a Time!

Career Opportunities

Of the University of Mobile education students who want a job in education in the public sector, 98% are employed. Others pursue careers in the private sector.