Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services, (ITS), supports five laboratories in the Center for Academic Technology (CAT). The CAT provides approximately one hundred computers for student use and classroom instruction. The computers in these labs have Intel Pentium® processors, high capacity hard drives and CD-ROM or DVD drives installed. Running on all machines are the Windows XP operating system, Microsoft Office 2003 and an anti-virus package. There is access to scanners and digital cameras available. Various education, language, religion, scientific, and nursing computer-aided instruction software are also installed or available on CDs. The CAT has a printer cluster that is centrally located, allowing patrons to print from any computer in the facility to a choice of several laser printers. All of the labs have data projectors and professors’ workstations permanently mounted. Four of the five labs have computer controlled Smartboards.

In addition to those five laboratories in the Center for Academic Technology, a Fine Arts laboratory with eleven Pentium® type computer systems is located in the Martin Fine Arts building. Those computers are connected to electronic keyboards via MIDI. This lab also contains a laser printer.

Information Technology Services (ITS), provides access to the Internet for educational and administrative purposes. The privilege of using the equipment and services of the Information Technology Services (ITS) is limited to University students, faculty, and staff for the purpose of education, research, service, and other academic functions. Faculty and staff have access to computers in offices which are connected to the University’s network. Through the Internet and Intranet, faculty and staff use the Registration and Academic Management System, Jenzabar. The J. L. Bedsole Library provides online catalogs, online journals and periodicals, an online dictionary, and e-books as well as electronic resources for both campus access and off-campus access for employees.

Employees are provided University e-mail addresses by Information Technology Services. Prior to the assignment of the e-mail address and access to the local networks, each user is required to agree to the terms of the internet usage policy published by ITS. All users of the University of Mobile’s information services are expected to utilize the resources responsibly, legally, and ethically for their intended purposes. Users must abide by all applicable copyright laws, licensure agreements, and University of Mobile policies.

Students have internet access in the Center for Academic Technology labs, the Ben May Building, the J. L. Bedsole Library, as well as other locations on campus. Students are assigned an e-mail account through Ram Mail. Ram Mail is the official means of communicating with students. In addition, students may electronically access library resources, class resources on eLearning by Jenzabar, and use the registration and academic management system for registering and accessing their personal data.

Most classrooms are equipped with a computer, data projector, DVD/video player, and internet access. Other rooms are serviced with mobile systems by faculty request through the Center for Academic Technology. Several classrooms are equipped with smartboards to enhance instruction and learning.

Electronic bulletin boards are maintained at key locations on campus. Current information is provided about activities and events for students.