Residency Requirement

On-Campus Housing Requirement

All undergraduate, unmarried students, with the exception of those who live with a parent or guardian, are over 21 years of age, or have completed 90 hours by the beginning of the Fall academic period are required to maintain residence in University of Mobile campus housing.

The University of Mobile strongly feels that living on campus is a large part of the educational process. As part of the University commitment to this total educational concept, students receiving $9,000.00 or more in institutional aid must live on campus unless living with a parent or guardian. In keeping with the mission of the University to graduate students who are prepared academically, developing spiritually, and responsible socially, we believe this policy provides students the opportunity to fully interact with others from a variety of backgrounds and geographical locations. Students who live on campus also become more involved in campus activities, academic clubs and social organizations. This overall atmosphere promotes individual growth in educational, spiritual and social arenas.

All students living on campus are expected to: abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the University of Mobile, respect and cooperate fully with all Campus Life Coordinators and Resident Assistants, and be enrolled at the University of Mobile as a full-time student.

Application Process

New students can obtain a copy of the housing application by following this link to the Residential Life Survey.  Students returning to on-campus housing may obtain an application for housing by signing into MyUM and locate the application under Campus Life and Residential Life.

Deposit & Registration Info

To ensure equal opportunity for spaces in on-campus housing, the Residential Life Office is not able to reserve spaces until a student has paid the non-refundable $250 housing down payment for the upcoming academic period. Students who have not paid their housing down payment will be placed on a waiting list. For more information, please contact the Residential Life Office at 251.442.2990.


Visitors of the opposite sex are permitted in the rooms of residents only during visitation hours. Visitors of the opposite sex are permitted in the living rooms of Avery Woods only during visitation hours (The tile and doorway is included as part of the living room).

The following guidelines have been set for visitation in residence halls:

  • Room doors must remain fully open and rooms must be well lit; the permanent light must be on while visitors are present.
  • Interior doors and blinds must remain open during visitation times.
  • Guests are to sign in at the work-study desk and leave some form of identification with the Resident Assistant.
  • At NO TIME is there to be any lying on the floor or in bed together.
  • When a guest leaves, he/she must sign out at the work-study desk, and he/she may retrieve his/her identification.
  • Guests are expected to conform to all regulations of the University and are subject to all University policies and rules. If guests do not comply with University policies, they may be asked by the University staff to leave.

The following guidelines have been set for visitation in Avery Woods:

  • Interior blinds must remain open during visitation times.
  • Visitors of the opposite sex are not to be in the bedrooms.
  • At NO TIME is there to be any lying on the floor or in bed together.
  • Guests are expected to conform to all regulations of the University and are subject to all University policies and rules.
  • If guests do not comply with University policies, they may be asked by the University staff to leave.
  • If a visitor of the opposite sex is on the tile or in the common living area of any housing area during non-visitation hours, both the visitor and hosting resident are considered to be in violation of University visitation hours and policies. Each will be subject to University disciplinary action.

Visitation Hours for Student Residential Areas

Arendall, Avery Woods Guys, Samford & Bedsole: Monday and Wednesday, 2:00 pm - Midnight
Avery Woods Girls, Faulkner, & Ingram: Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00 pm - Midnight
All Housing Areas:
Friday and Saturday, Noon - Midnight
Sunday, 7:00 pm - Midnight

Please note that during various University breaks and holidays, there will no be visitation.


Nothing is to be placed in or on the windows of the housing units that will detract in any manner from the general appearance of the facility. Visitation is not to be conducted through the housing unit windows at any time. Screens are not to be removed from the windows at any time. Windows should be kept closed at all times when the heat or air conditioning is on in a residence hall. Windows must remain locked when residents leave the room. Failure to lock them is a security risk for all the members of that residence hall or living area. To protect an individual’s rights of privacy, undue loitering around the windows of the residence halls is prohibited and is subject to disciplinary action. Any person found entering/leaving a room through a window may be fined $50.00. In addition, the resident allowing someone to enter through a window may also be fined. At no time may students attach additional coverings to windows which are visible from the building’s exterior including but not limited to foil, blankets, towels, sheets, or any other coverings.

Room Personalization

The following list should be used to help answer questions you may have regarding personalizing your room. If you have any questions regarding whether or not something is allowed, please see an RA (Resident Assistant) or CLC (Campus Coordinator).

  1. No nails or screw of any kind should be used.
  2. Tension rods should be used for window curtains or closet curtains (Samford and Faulkner Halls).
  3. Do not use adhesive that will not easily come off of a wall. The square foam adhesive is strictly forbidden. We recommend Sticky tack or 3M command strips. Please note that any type of adhesive you use must be removed prior to check out. Any type of residue or paint peeling will be charged to the student.
  4. All furniture must remain in the room. The university does not have a storage area for unwanted furniture.
  5. Students may NOT paint or wallpaper their rooms at any time.
  6. Dry erase boards should be hung with a wreath hanger or removable adhesive in Arendall, Bedsole, and Ingram Halls. Only wreath hangers or the like should be used in Samford and Faulkner Halls. Students will be held responsible if there is any type of adhesive residue on the wall and doors of their rooms.


The Campus Life Office is located in Weaver Hall. The office is open Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. A member of the Residential Life staff can be reached at all times through 251.442.2990.

The department includes the following staff:

The directors of Campus Life and Residential Life oversee all housing and student activities as well as maintain a staff of Campus Life Coordinators. Campus Life Coordinators (CLCs) are full-time staff who live in the residence areas and coordinate the work of the Resident Assistants and work-study students. They are responsible for all the daily activities and functions in their facilities as well as a Campus Life area (Campus Activities, Intramurals, Campus Ministries, Athletic Involvement, and Publicity/Media).

Resident Assistants (RAs) are the first point of contact for resident students. These are undergraduate students who live in residence areas in close proximity to students.

These individuals are available to address policy violations, questions or problems for campus residents. The Campus Life Coordinators and Resident Assistants are on call 24 hours a day and should be contacted in case of an emergency.