Freshman Seminar

What is Freshman Seminar?

 Freshman Seminar is a course designed to assist Freshmen in their transition from high school to college. This course is an excellent way to get acquainted with the University of Mobile, UM faculty and staff, and UM peers. Freshman Seminar seeks to enhance the learning experience by providing opportunities for students to develop the skills, values, behaviors, and attitudes necessary for success at the University of Mobile. Through the semester topics discussed include study skills, time management, budgeting, health and wellness, Christian Worldview, professionalism, major selection and career exploration and confirmation. Students will hear from various university officials regarding UM procedures, learn to access MyUM and utilize campus resources.
In addition to the course instructor, each course section has been assigned an upperclassman, UM student serving as your Peer Leader. Your PL will help answer any questions you have along the way, aid in the transition and help inform you of campus events and UM opportunities. Freshman Seminar wants to help make the most of your first semester, laying the foundation for a successful college career.

For more information on Freshman Seminar, preview the course syllabus.

Welcome to UM and welcome to Freshman Seminar. We hope you have a great time!

Meet Your Instructor

Mr. Steve D. Carey

Associate Professor of Biology
B.S., Salem College;
M.S., University of Southern Mississippi
"An advantage of Freshman Seminar is the exposure of new students to faculty whose interest and expertise might be in areas new to the students' experience and begins to immediately broaden the students' view of the world. Freshman Seminar allows many new students to meet and interact with professors that they might otherwise not."

Mrs. Brooke Catchpole

University Counselor
B.A., Lee University
M.A., Richmont Graduate University
 "The Freshman Seminar course provides students an incredible opportunity to learn how to effectively navigate college life at the University of Mobile. It is a class specifically designed to help students succeed during their first year. Beyond teaching helpful skills for college freshmen, the course allows me to individually invest in the lives of students. If I could share a few words with new freshmen it is to make the most of every opportunity you are given here at UM."

Mrs. Brenda Chastain

Assistant Professor in Education
B.S. Troy University
M. Ed. University of West Alabama
Ed. Specialist University of South Alabama
"I am looking forward to meeting and working with UMobile Freshmen! We will learn from each other all about Freshmen life at UMobile. This course will be beneficial to you in learning about the UMobile family and campus activities. FS 100 will be an interactive course to help you learn everything from managing your time to what it takes to be a successful college student."

Mrs. Brenda Davis

Coordinator for Career Development
B.S., University of Souther Mississippi
M.A., University of Mobile
"Freshman Seminar is a wonderful 'bridge' opportunity between high school and college. It is a time that freshmen come to understand what is required of them as college students while having a Freshman Seminar professor to guide them into the new 'land' of college. I love walking with these freshmen into the new adventure of college and all that it holds for them."

Dr. Troy Henderson

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.S. University of Alabama
M.A. University of Alabama
Ph.D. Texas A&M University
"Freshman Seminar provides an avenue for which faculty and first-year students can informally discuss a wide variety of topics for the purpose of making the transition from high school to college smoother. Since many students enroll with an undecided major, Freshman Seminar, among other things, aids in determining a career path with an emphasis on each student seeking God's will in their life."

Mr. Neal Ledbetter

Director of Campus Life
B.S., Auburn University
M.Div., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
"You chose our university because you believed we could help you become a successful professional, spouse and parent. Freshman Seminar is the class that begins that process by first helping you become a successful student."

Dr. Ted Mashburn

Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Professor of Humanities
B.A., Livingston University
M.Div., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
M.Th., New College, University of Edinburgh
D. Phil., University of Oxford

Dr. Robert Olsen

Assistant Professor of Christian Ministries
B.A., North Carolina State University
M.Div., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Ph.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Mrs. Sara Parker

Student Relations Supervisor
B.S. Texas A&M University
M.A. University of Mobile
"I am a huge fan of Freshman Seminar and the opportunity that it gives new students to have a closer connection with a Faculty/Staff member at the University. I encourage students to take advantage of the information that they will receive in this course and to enjoy the relationships that they will form. I know that all of the Freshman Seminar instructors hope to give students the tools that they need to succeed at the University of Mobile!"

Mr. Rusty Roberts

Assistant Professor of Accounting
B.S., University of Mobile;
M.AC., University of South Alabama
"What’s great about Freshman Seminar is that it gives me an opportunity as a professor to relate with the students one-on-one as they transition into their college experience. One topic the students were especially interested in covered budgeting money, which was more comfortable for me to teach because it’s what I enjoy most."

Mr. Trey Taulbee

Director of Communications and New Media
B.S., University of Mobile
M.A., Full Sail University
"Freshman Seminar is an excellent way for first-year students to transition from high school to college. I personally look forward to meeting new students and challenging them to succeed, not only as students but as people of influence that will make an impact in our culture."

Dr. Melissa Thomas, M.A., Ed.D, ATC

Assistant Professor HPE/ Head Athletic Trainer
Doctoral Studies, United States Sports Academy
"The influence a faculty member has in easing a student through this very special, but often overwhelming first year of college is one that is not taken lightly at the University of Mobile. I consider it a pleasure to assist these students in developing skills that will allow them to excel in courses at UMobile and in life. I hope that the lessons they learn and the memories they make while at UMobile are life-changing."

Your Peer Leaders

Brittany Anderson

Peer Leader for Brooke Catchpole's Class
Junior, Elementary and Early Childhood Education
Florence, AL
"Freshman Seminar was very helpful to me in transitioning to college. It provides a great opportunity to ask questions and learn how to get involved in campus activities."

Tori Burger

Peer Leader for Bob Olsen's Class
Junior, English & Humanities, Spanish Minor
Spanish Fort, AL
"Freshman Seminar is a class dedicated to helping first year college students make that transition and easily adjust to college life. Don't ever hesitate to come to us with any questions you may have."

Dakota Cantrell

Peer Leader for Neal Ledbetter's Class
Senior, Psychology
Woodland, AL

Aaron Collier

Peer Leader for Steve Carey's Class
Senior, Worship Leadership
Ridgeland, MS
"Freshman Seminar is a place where you can grow in your understanding on how to become a great leader. Being a peer leaders gives a great opportunity to pour into and invest in others."

Holly Dunnam

Peer Leader for Trey Taulbee's Class
Senior, Early Childhood and Elementary Education
Mobile, AL

Emily Griner

Peer Leader for Dr. Melissa Thomas' Class
Sophomore/Junior, Elementary Education
Pelham, AL

Logan Harvey

Peer Leader for Dr. Troy Henderson's Class
Junior, Biology/Pre-Vet
Crawfordville, FL
"Peer leadership is such a blessing to not only the students, but also the mentors and teachers - I'm excited to grow new relationships and invest in UM's future!"

Joel King

Peer Leader for Brenda Chastain's Class
Senior, Music Education
Auburn, AL
"I want to assist in giving freshmen the best college experience possible. Freshman Seminar is a way for students to learn about the school while also building relationships with teachers, faculty, and fellow freshmen."

Emily Kolakoski

Peer Leader for Sara Parker's Class
Senior, Elementary Education
Daphne, AL

Heidi Little

Peer Leader for Ted Mashburn's Class
Junior, Music Education
Lake Wales, FL
"My freshman seminar experience was great! The class helped me transition from high school to college. Freshman Seminar is a great resource for new students."

Anastasia Rhodes

Peer Leader for Brenda Davis' Class
Senior, English, Philosophy Minor
Mobile, AL

Emily Wieber

Peer Leader for Rusty Roberts' Class
Senior, Music
Middleburg, FL

What Students Say

 "This semester has been so much. I have learned so many lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. This class has taught me more about school, my future and God, I have come to learn so much about myself as well, and have become even more confident in my choice to come to the University of Mobile."
Freshman , Spring 2013

"I really enjoyed freshman seminar because as an incoming freshman I really had no idea what to expect and FS helped shed light on how to make the most of my time at UM. Freshman Seminar taught me how to register for class, gave me insight by letting older students come and speak, and overall prepared me to have a productive and fun college experience!"
Rachel Lucus
Freshman, Fall 2012

"My Freshman Seminar class not only taught me about college life, but about my life as a Christian in college. My group also became really close and we still hang out. We really are a family."
Freshman, Fall 2011

"Freshman Seminar was a great class that helped me adapt and transition easily to college life. I love how the people in my Ram Rush group were my classmates for Freshman Seminar. Having familiar faces made the class feel even more comfortable. My instructor was passionate about teaching which made the class more interesting and fun! She was very friendly and she made it clear to us that we could go to her for help about anything. She really encouraged us to ask questions and we had a lot of class discussions. The assignments we had to complete for Freshman Seminar were designed to get us more familiar with how UM worked and to remind us of the 'little things' that can be easily overlooked - especially as freshmen. One assignment in particular that I know was to our benefit was for us to meet our advisors and have them sign a sheet saying they met with us. This task pushed us to get know our advisor and prepared us for when we would have to meet with them and register for the following spring and so on. Overall I know I transitioned very smoothly into college because this class helped prepare me for what was to come. It was not overwhelming in anyway. It made me feel more ready as a freshman for the next semester and the next years ahead."
Hannah Perez
Freshman, Fall 2011

"Freshman Seminar was very helpful and made the transition from high school to college SO much easier."
Freshman, Fall 2011

"I really enjoyed Freshman Seminar. I was able to build long lasting relationships with my classmates and teacher. Freshman Seminar helps students to transition from high school to college and teaches important skills that will be needed for college like; career planning, budgeting, social skills, and helpful ways to study."
Dakota Cantrell
Freshman, Fall 2010

"Freshman Seminar is a great way to learn more about how the university works and provides students with the tools to succeed in their college careers. It's also a fun way to connect with fellow students."
Alli Colquett
Freshman, Fall 2010

"Freshman Seminar is a safe place for students to ask questions and be able to relate to other student who are experiencing the same things as they are. Freshman Seminar focuses on the academic side of school and well as encourages the students to get involved with campus life, making the most out of their time here."
Savannah Thigpen
Freshman, Fall 2010

After you register for classes, you will be invited to join the Freshman Seminar Group on MyUM. There you will have access to additional Freshman Seminar information.