Undecided Majors

Selecting a major can be a difficult decision. It's important to take your time selecting a major so you can consider your personal goals, your educational goals, and your career goals. If you are still deciding which major would be the best fit for you, we offer the following suggestions:

  • An excellent way to get a taste of our many academic programs is through the general education requirements. General education courses can help you develop a better feel for which major will be most effective in helping you accomplish your goals. Then talk with your advisor and/or instructors to find out more about the fields you enjoy.
  • Set up an appointment with the Coordinator for Careeer Development and learn what assessments can help you narrow down your choices.
  • Your academic advisor, who assists you in schedule planning and class registration, will also help you choose a major. By working closely, you and your advisor will define your interests and choose the program that closely matches them.

For more information contact the Student Success Center
Office Hours: M-F 8:00-4:30
Please call for appointments: 251.442.2877

Steps In Selecting A Major

1. Write out some of your strengths and interests

2. Preliminary Research

  • Determine possible majors
  • School catalog
    • Course descriptions
    • Requirements – amount and type
    • Prerequisites
    • GPA requirement
    • Sequential courses

3. Active Research

  • Note a few upper and lower division courses from possible majors
  • Take a course in that major to gain exposure
  • Talk to other students about courses and professors
  • Approach the department advisors or go to professors

4. Determine reasonable list of major options, ideally by the end of second year

5. Obtain a Degree Progress Report (DPR) regularly to closely monitor academic progress

Three options in choosing a major:

  • Practical major to satisfy a practical desire with a minor or specialization to satisfy strengths and interests.
  • Interest related major with a minor or specialization to satisfy a practical desire.
  • Double major:
    • Requires approval from both major departments
    • Can it be accomplished in 4 years?
    • University of Mobile scholarships are good for 8 consecutive semesters

Self-Directed Search

Need to choose a major or change majors? Is your current job not working for you? Take the Self-Directed Search (SDS), a career assessment that provides valuable information about your top choice work environments based on your interests, competencies, and skills. When you learn about your top work environments, your choices about what major to consider or what fields to work in will become much easier.

If you would like to take the assessment online for a small fee, visit the SDS website at Call (251-442-2877) or email ( Brenda for an appointment to discuss your results.

Personality Study

Have you ever wondered how your personality plays a role in your career choice?

The Jung Typology is an easy-to-use survey of temperament styles that takes about thirty minutes to complete. Visit and click on Jung Typology in the upper left-hand corner. To discuss your results with Brenda, call 251-442-2877 for an appointment or email your results to The information you receive will help you discover your passions, strengths and interests.