Freshman Admissions Checklist

Admissions Requirements: Minimum ACT 21 or SAT 980, and GPA 2.75

Step 1
Fill out and submit the Application to the University of Mobile Enrollment Services Office.

Step 2
Ask your high school guidance counselor to send UMobile a copy of your high school transcript.

Step 3
Send your ACT/SAT scores to the University of Mobile Enrollment Services Office. The exam codes for the University of Mobile are: ACT-0029; SAT-1515.

Step 4
Submit proof of MMR shots & TB skin test.

Step 5
Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online at The University of Mobile FAFSA code is 001029. All students who apply for scholarships or financial aid are encouraged to complete this form. Students who complete the application process are considered for all types of assistance.

Step 6
Schedule an appointment through your personal enrollment counselor to discuss your individualized financial aid package.

Step 7
Plan to register for classes during Freshman Orientation and Registration. Contact the Office of Admissions for registration dates.