Class Giving

Each year, seniors raise money for a class gift to contribute to the University of Mobile as a legacy of their graduating class. The Class Gift Campaign has grown significantly each year. Since 2004, students have added benches, swings, a grill, chapel bells, and an aluminum statue of our Ram mascot to the university.

The classes of 2010, 2011 and 2012 united to add a beautiful street clock that will enhance the university's campus for many years to come.  The clock stands 9 feet high, so wherever you are near Weaver or Ram Hall you can see the sights of the clock by day or glowing at night.  

The clock will be enjoyed by so many –  from those who live on campus, work here or come to visit. Thank you to these graduates who, through their Senior Gift, leave a tangible reminder of their time on campus and pride in the University of Mobile.