Following Her Dream

Cheree Melton '09

By Kathy Dean

The rigorous education that Cheree Melton received as a biology major at the University of Mobile paved the way for post-graduate work as a lab instructor for microbiology, anatomy and physiology, and biology. It also prepared her to become a research assistant for an orthopedic surgeon. But it was the encouragement and faith that UMobile professors had in her own abilities that gave Cheree the confidence to follow her dream of becoming a physician.

Now in osteopathic medical school, Cheree continues to live out her Christian faith through volunteer work such as organizing a clothing drive for a local soup kitchen. She meets weekly for Bible study with other members of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, and enjoys her photography hobby during breaks from medical school.

In all that she does, Cheree says she tries to stay true to UMobile’s philosophy of “Changing Lives to Change the World.” In her pursuit of becoming a physician, and in everything she does, Cheree wants to exemplify the core values consistent with the Christian worldview she learned as a student at the University of Mobile.