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 Rekindle Your Heart

Alumni Memories of Place and People

"During the fall of 1963, Mobile College began its first academic year. This was a giant step into the realm of higher education and it made a new way of life available for many students. This first year at Mobile College shall always be hallmarked as the light that opened the world to these people, as well as to the ones who shall follow in the years to come...We hope that some of the spirit that filled Mobile College that first year may be rekindled in your heart."

Hands and Feet

Project Serve Touches Lives

Having just missed her ride, an elderly woman carrying bags of groceries in her arms chased the city bus that had just driven away. Bystanders witnessed her dismay and continued about their day... except for a group of University of Mobile students.

Hope is the Reason I Do What I Do

Alabama Tornadoes

When tornado warnings sounded throughout Alabama in April, 2011, Dr. Fred Lackey knew he had to act as quickly as possible.


Passion & Purpose

Amidst the damage and destruction from the devastating tornado that caused over $500,000 in damage to Antioch Baptist Church in Pratt City, AL comes a glorious sound. It is the sound of voices - voices of teenagers spontaneously singing praises to God.

Ben Hedrick

A Life Unlimited

Moving from home to college is an adjustment for any student. For Ben Hedrick, sometimes the obstacles were overwhelming.

Youth Hostel Missions

UMobile Campus Ministries

Classical art depicting the familiar stories of Abraham and Isaac, David and Goliath and the Last Supper hung on the walls of an Italian hostel. Though the meanings of the images were familiar to University of Mobile campus minister Neal Ledbetter, a fellow traveler named Jason didn't recognize the stories portrayed.

Change-Agent Leadership

Dr. James West, III, M.D.

Mobile surgeon and University of Mobile Trustee Dr. James West uses his gifts and training to change the world, one patient at a time.

Called to Service...and the Sidelines

Athletic Training Students Go Beyond the Basics

Who says the future does not belong to those standing on the sidelines? For the University of Mobile's athletic training education students, that phrase takes on a whole new meaning. On the sideline is where their talents shine.

Family Shares Christ Through Racing

Christians across the nation, including a Florida Baptist family, are joining the mission of the Twelve23 Movement at the University of Mobile by individually and collectively transforming America from their homes, churches, workplaces, and even racetracks.

Class Notes

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