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National Transformation Begins When Individuals Seek God, UMobile President Writes in New Book

Individual Christians must experience a personal revival in order for a national spiritual revival to occur that will transform America and, ultimately, the world, according to Mark Foley, president of the University of Mobile.

“It’s time to commit, to lead, to transform America,” writes Foley in his new book titled “It’s Time.” The book, with a forward by Michael Catt, is available through

“The greatest threat to America sits in church pews every Sunday morning across the land,” writes Foley, a former executive vice president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned a master of divinity and doctor of philosophy in psychology and counseling.

The danger lies with people who call themselves Christians but whose lives are no different from those who don’t profess faith in Jesus Christ, he said.

To start that revival, Foley said Christians must individually humble themselves, pray, seek God, and turn from sin – the four requirements listed in 2 Chronicles 7:14 before God’s promise to heal the land.

“The weak link in the transformation of a nation is the individual Christian’s fulfillment of responsibility, not God’s response. God is faithful,” Foley writes.

The book makes the case for the need for change in America and includes a practical guide to fulfilling the four responsibilities and living a transformed life fully committed to God. Key to that life is using one’s influence as a committed Christian to take a stand and stop the nation’s slide away from the things of God, Foley said.

It is a call to action the Baptist university has issued through its new Center for Leadership and the Twelve23 Movement aimed at revitalizing Christian faith and character in America by the year 2020. The Twelve23 Movement is working to bring national attention to the goal of helping leaders in a variety of professions fulfill their responsibility to God as American citizens.

The need is great, Foley said. The nation itself is at risk.

Michael Catt, pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga., and executive producer of Sherwood Pictures which created the movies “Fireproof” and “Courageous,” said the message “resonates in my heart as a clarion call to action.

“We live in a time when we need men and women who are placed in strategic places of influence,” writes Catt in the book’s forward. “Research and statistics tell us our nation is sliding into an abyss.” Foley “has given us solid, Biblically-based solutions,” Catt wrote.

Foley said the book is the result of a process of thought that began several years ago with the birth of his first grandchild. As he held baby Avery in his arms, he thought about the world in which she will grow up.

“I see our nation drifting – in some cases running – away from the Christian principles that the Founding Fathers relied upon in creating our government. I see Christians all too ready to drift along as well, not willing to take a stand for the things of God. For the future of my grandchildren, for the future of our nation, it’s time to take a stand,” Foley said.

Foley said a university is the prime place to start a movement to turn the tide in America.

“I realized that my time of influence and that of my generation is drawing to a close, as we retire and move from positions of leadership,” Foley said. He said men and women in college today or beginning their careers in the workplace are the ones who will ultimately guide the future of the nation.

Foley said it is time for Christian leaders of all ages in all professional fields to take a stand.

“I am firmly convinced that the Lord has already started a cultural and spiritual
restoration of our country. As He leads, and as we follow on His terms, we can be part of that restoration,” Foley writes.

For more information on the Twelve23 Movement, visit For more information about the University of Mobile, visit or call 251-442-2215.

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