Transfer Student Admission Checklist

What is my degree plan?

Check out the University of Mobile's academic advisement checklists to determine your preferred degree plan.

Will my credits transfer?

If you are transferring from a community college in the state Alabama, check here to ensure your courses will transfer: Alabama Community College Transfer Equivalencies.pdf

If you are transferring from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, check here to ensure your courses will transfer: MGCCC-UM Articulation Agreement.pdf

Additionally, transfer guides for several of our academic majors are available on the Alabama Community College System website.  

What are my scholarship options?

Transfer Admissions/Financial Aid/Scholarship Calculator
Find out your total costs and scholarship options: Transfer Student Cost Estimator.pdf

How do I enroll at the University of Mobile?

Admissions Requirements: For unconditional acceptance, the University of Mobile requires a 2.75 GPA.
If you have earned 24 or more semester hours, the University of Mobile will not need an ACT or SAT score.

Step 1
Fill out and submit an Application to the University of Mobile Enrollment Services Office.

Step 2
Request an official copy of all previous college transcripts to be sent to the University of Mobile. Students transferring with less than 24 acceptable hours of transfer credit should submit ACT/SAT scores and a high school transcript. If you are transferring from a community college in the state of Alabama, check here for course equivalencies:

Alabama Community College Transfer Equivalencies.pdf

Step 3
Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online at The University of Mobile FAFSA code is 001029. All students who apply for scholarships or financial aid are encouraged to complete this form. Students who complete the application process are considered for all types of assistance.

Step 4
Schedule an appointment with Joe Hudson, your personal enrollment counselor to discuss your individualized financial aid package.

Joe Hudson

Assistant Director for Enrollment Services

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Step 5
Plan to register for classes during Transfer Registration.